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Truffles was a flat coated Golden Retriever and was about 6 months old when we got her back in 1981 as a birthday present from Joan to John who had always wanted a Golden Retriever. She was born on 18th. August 1980 but unfortunately her first owners were unable to cope and said their older dog was jealous so she was advertised in our local paper. We went to see her and fell for her immediately and this was the only time John has bought something without trying to get the price down..  Unfortunately our friend Ian who is a Vet was away at the time so we got her without him seeing her first, this as it happened turned out to be a good thing, other wise he would have put us off as he immediately diagnosed that she had hip dysplasia but that did not deter us as we had already fallen for her.


Truffs as she was often called had a long and happy life living to the ripe old age of 14 despite being a sickly dog and even survived two strokes later in life, she was well cared for, its very handy having a friend as a vet.


She went everywhere with us, and went to work every day with John. She had lots of doggy friends and everyone loved Truffs. Her Kennel Club Name was Lady Ever So Sure,

Truffles Golden Retriever

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Truffles loved her Dads smelly slippers


Truffles, her first weekend with us.


In The Lakes with Mum 1982

With Dad in 1983, doesn't he look young!!



Her favourite place sitting at the top of the drive watching the world go by



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Truffs 3rd Birthday party 1983 Yummy cake

..and look a new Teddy..



Truffs loved sunning herself on the patio


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A favourite game Chasing at ducks Lake Windermere 1993



 Truffles loved boats.. Sailing on Windermere 



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Must be mine it has my name on it

Truffs with her new Easter Bunny





Hurry turn the telly on..

 My favorite programme .. sheep dog trials


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Through that gate and they've won..

Concentrate now.. there through..





Truffles with her own pet tortoise


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 Dad can I have a rabbit for my Birthday

 Its my 6th Birthday & my badge to proves it  


On another boat in Beer Devon with Mum

On holiday Budleigh Salterton 1985


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  We commissioned famous wildlife artist Eleanor Ludgate who lived in Devon to do a painting of Truffles which hangs on our lounge wall, the photo (left) Eleanor showing Truffles a print of the painting, photo (right) Joan, & Eleanor with Truffs. Little did we know at the time but Eleanor produced her own greetings cards and decided to put Truffles on the front of one of them, they are still on sale in many shops particularly in the South Devon region, we also had our photo's taken and an article all about her in the Sidmouth Press.  


Not impressed with this bath lark,,

Soggy doggy drying off



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Truffles with her best friend Katie from up the Lane playing then relaxing



Truffles with Pepper & Peggy

Truffles 12th.Birthday with Pepper & Peggy


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