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We had Chablis from a pup picking her up from  the breeder in Yorkshire when she was about 6 weeks old. From the journey home to the Wirral she loved the car, in fact if the choice was the car or a walk she would pick the car every time, she just couldn't wait to get in. Always remember we were going for a day out and we started to put things in the car ready then suddenly realised Chablis was missing, we looked everywhere for her then after about 15 mins and starting to get worried we went to close the tailgate thinking we were about to go up and down the lane looking for her only to find her sitting very proud on the back seat ready to go. 

She and was a bundle of energy from the start, full of character nothing fazed her, she had an active life until aged 10 when we very suddenly lost her. She had never had a days illness in her life until one Saturday afternoon she was very slow on her walk and just stopped a short distance from home and lay down, I went home for the car while Joan stayed with her, she jumped into the car so we just thought she was trying it on, Ian our friend who is a Vet came round later and again on the Sunday twice but could find nothing wrong with her, he gave her a few injections just to make sure and said there was a lot of bugs going round, and if she wasn't better the next day he would run some tests but sadly she died in her sleep that Sunday night, we never knew why.







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Chablis, Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever pupy

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Chablis the day we went to choose her at the breeders in Yorkshire, in fact she chose us!!! and with some of her brothers and sisters in the background.



Chablis as a pup



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She dug the soil out and planted herself

Her favorite flowers were daffodil's



Chablis and Joan

Come on dad serve up the bbq


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Chablis 1st. Birthday, Joan and Olivier from next door



John & Chablis Christmas chewy

Happy Christmas from Chablis



Chablis in the snow

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Chablis in next doors garden playing with Olivier in the snow


Chablis with Easter Egg

  It must be mine, it has my name on it  

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Chablis with her dog bowl


Told you I needed a new teddy

Surly its time for dinner


Chablis in her dog bed


Chablis In bed with ted's

Better keep my paw on it in case!



Chablis & Henry

Chablis playing with Henry

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Chablis in her bed with her friend Henry

Tug of war, with friend Henry the boxer


Chablis & Dandy


Chablis in her bed with her friend Dandy

Tug of war, great game with Dandy


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Chabis in back of BMW car

Chablis with next doors cat


Murphy, my brothers Lab with Chablis

Olivier's cat cat eating Chablis dinner..



John Joan & Chablis

One of the last photo's we have of Chablis


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Chablis Golden Retriever.






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